A Product Podcast That Says Hello

Listen to product folks as they break down software in a novel way.



Take us on the go. Audio-first shows with no long ramblings. Just thoughts on products.


See & hear. Expect lots of mouse wiggling and discussion of better hamburger menus.


Join us twice monthly for a community stream. Have a passionate opinion? Share it in the chat.


Hi, I’m Charles. I’m a Product Manager, and I love to learn. I looked for recent conversations on relevant products, and couldn’t find any. Product case studies offer great insights- but frequently we hear about old software. So, let’s discuss some modern saas!

Who will join me? I’ll cycle through a motley crew of UX Designers, Engineers, Customer Experience reps as we discuss the process of building modern products.


Review and discuss new saas products in a relaxed case study format while sharing product development insights.


Three people at table with computers, laughing. Photo by @brookecagle / Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Want your saas product reviewed?

Sure, let’s chat! Get in touch and share specifics on what part of your user’s experience you are interested in.

Focus on the bigger picture of performance

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